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BTA2024 Hoehenprofil Etappe 2

The Via Claudia Augusta sets the direction for the second stage. But it does not strictly stick to that old Roman road. Honestly, that would be too pity. The ancient Romans did not yet know the bike trails on the Mutzkopf in Nauders.

The Via Claudia Augusta is an old Roman road that once connected Imst and Nauders through the Inn Valley. And the 2nd stage follows this ancient route, sometimes on the original paths, sometimes on roads and paths that have become wider and more comfortable over time. But the Via Claudia remains only the guide, we do not follow it strictly, but look to the right and left of it to see which paths make more sense for this stage, or rather are more fun. This is why the Old Roman Way does not initially set the direction in the valley. From Imst it goes over the mountain, more precisely first into Pitztal and from there up to the Pillerhöhe, the pass between Pitztal and Inn Valley. Mostly roads and easy paths lead up there until the last few metres have to be climbed steeply on a narrow, rooty forest path. After a rapid descent through mountain meadows with an unobstructed view of the valley, you soon reach the banks of the Inn in Prutz.

For the next 30 kilometres, the river sets the direction. Along the Via Claudia, the route now plays with the Roman path. Between Ried and Tösens, this is a spectacular path carved into the rock above the river. And even as it continues via Pfunds to the Kajetansbrücke, the Roman route remains an entertaining and exciting mix of roads, paths and trails on the edge of the valley. Here at the border with Switzerland, we leave the Roman route and stay on the road along the Inn for a few more kilometres, cross the Swiss border in Martina and continue on the cycle path to Sclamischot. Now the ascent begins on forest tracks up to the green border. Close to Schwarzsee, a path leads back over to Austria and forest tracks at the top of the mountain continue to Kreuzmoos. The ancient Romans certainly didn’t have any mountain bike trails, so what comes next is probably not marked on the maps as „Via Claudia“. The Gerry Trail and the Riatschwegele Trail were built by the people of Nauders as part of the 3-country enduro trails. And they promise a good portion of riding fun at the end.


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