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The rocks tower 2000 metres above Ehrwald up to the summit of the Zugspitze. The King of Germany, at 2962 metres the highest peak in the country, is a border crosser, however, as the border between Germany and Austria runs along the summit ridge. And so the mighty peak has one foot over in Bavaria and one foot here in Tyrol. And proudly and broadly lends its name to the Tiroler Zugspitzarena. Not only in Germany, but also here in the north of Tyrol, the Zugspitze is the boss and inspires awe in bikers, hikers and skiers – everyone who spends their time in the shadow of its western flank, on the Ehrwalder Alm. Awe is a word that is no stranger to Transalp bikers. If you want to survive the week, you need this respect, which is why the 2024 edition begins with a loop against this backdrop that teaches you that humility and modesty are good prerequisites for completing the Transalp. The loop also invites all the German starters to take a look back at their home country, when the cleats are rolling almost on the border line.

There the view falls to the Eibsee, the little piece of the Caribbean down there in Bavaria. Only a few mountain lakes shine in such a magical turquoise colour when they are illuminated by the sun. But now it’s time to gather our concentration and get ready for the first racy descent over the Ehrwalder Alm to the lowest point of the Zugspitzarena at the bottom of the Loisach valley, which flows out of here to the north and leaves the mountains for the plain at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. But that is not our destination. We want to cross the mountains and head south towards Lake Garda. But before heading in this direction without compromise, this varied sightseeing trip through the arena celebrates an encore. This is followed by the beautiful panoramic trail to Lermoos, a steep climb into the Tuftl valley, the rough Schlägle trail, one of the many single trails in the region, then the sunny Lermooser Moos and the enchanted larch forest near Biberwier. It concludes this tour, on which there is a lot to see. And the paths in the shadow of the Zugspitze are just as unpredictable as the landscape. With a constant alternation of gravel and forest paths, trails and meadow paths, there is never a dull moment on the wild ups and downs. But now comes the Marienbergjoch.

It is one of the classic Transalp passes and once again plays into the hands of the stoics, those who can get into a rhythm and climb until only the sky is in the way. From Biberwier there are still 750 metres of altitude to overcome, always uphill, collecting metres of altitude, that is the core, the very own facet of the Transalp. Only at the top do even the stoic climbers start panting, because the Marienbergjoch at the end is a steep ram that stands in the way as if it wanted to compete with the walls of the Zugspitze. Done! – you can only whistle from the last hole up there, because now it’s down into Gurgltal, on a brisk descent on gravel. Finally, from Nassereith, shady paths at the edge of the forest continue flat to Imst, the finish of the first stage.


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